About the Region

Altai Kray is located in the southeast of Western Siberia. The distance from Moscow to Barnaul, the capital of Altai Kray, is 2934 km. The total area of the region is 168 000 square kilometer. In the north it borders with Novosibirsk Oblast, in the east - Kemerovo Oblast, in the southeast - the Republic of Altai, and in the southwest and west - the state border with the Republic of Kazakhstan. The population is 2,35 million people. A distinctive feature of Altai Kray is a large part of the rural population. The region has 10 urban districts and 59 rural districts. The administrative center is the city of Barnaul.


Investment Strategy of Altai Kray until 2025


  • outstripping growth of investments in fixed capital compared with the average level in the Russian Federation for the modernization of the regional economy based on the effective use of the competitive advantages of the region, good management of investment processes, implementation of strategic and systemically important projects.

Main tasks:

  • improve the investment climate and create favorable administrative environment to attract Russian and foreign investment in the economy of the kray
  • improvement of regional development institutions
  • development of the system of state support for investors operating in Altai Kray
  • development of territorial clusters
  • information and stuffing support of investment processes
  • development of a private-state sector partnership mechanism in the implementation of infrastructure and socially significant projects
  • development of industrial infrastructure for investment including a system of industrial parks and industrial areas
  • creation of an effective communication system between the executive authorities, the local self-government, the initiators of investment projects
  • improvement of the effectiveness of budgetary investments, active participation in the implementation of projects and programs which is federally funded

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