Priority Social and Economic Development Area "Zarinsk"

Name Priority Social and Economic Development Area "Zarinsk"
Municipality Zarinsk

The status of priority social and economic development area (PSEDA) has been assigned to the city Zarinsk by the Resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 279 of March 16, 2018.

Acquire the status of a resident PSEDA "Zarinsk"

Transport logistics infrastructure
Nearest international airport German Titov International Airport, 170 km
Nearest river port Barnaul, Barnaul river port
Engineering infrastructure
Gas supply No centralized natural gas supply
Electricity supply The power supply system of Zarinsk is centralized. Currently the electricity supply of the city comes from the heat and power plant of OAO “Altai-Koks”. The electric capacity of the HPP is 220 MW.
Water supply The water supply of the city is provided by two underground water supply points (in Omutnoye, Verkh-Kamyshenskoye). Currently 15 wells of Verkh-Kamyshenskoye deposit and 4 wells of Omutnovskoye deposit in operation. Water is produced by 8-9 wells, the rest are in reserve.
Heat supply The district heating system in Zarinsk is represented by one heat and power plant of OAO “Altai-Koks”, as well as by municipal boiler houses.
Sewerage The structure of the wastewater system in Zarinsk includes a system of gravity and pressure sewer pipelines, with sewage pumping stations located on them.
Connection Communications service providers: ZAO "Kompaniya "TransTeleKom", PAO "VympelKom", PAO "MegaFon", PAO "Mobilnye TeleSistemy", PAO "Rostelekom", ООО "DIANET", ООО "Milekom", ООО "Sibirskie Seti".
Benefits for the residents Reduction of insurance payments, concessionary profit tax rate, relief from corporate property tax
Address, telephone 118, Komsomolsky Prospect
Barnaul 656038
Telephone: +7 (3852) 66 96 28
Internet address
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