Government Support in the area of agriculture

Subsidizing of part of the cost of payment of interest on credits (loans) including investment credits (loans) issued before January 1, 2017
Subsidies for decoupled support to agricultural producers in crop production
Subsidies for planting and maintenance of perennial plantings
Subsidies for elite seed production
Subsidies for improving in the productivity in dairy cattle breeding - reimbursement of part of the costs of agricultural producers for 1 kilogram of market milk sold
Subsidies to support livestock breeding
Subsidies to support sheep breeding, horse breeding, northern reindeer herding and maral breeding
Subsidies to support the production and sale of fine and semi-fine wool
Subsidies to support beginning farmers and the development of family livestock farms
Grant support of agricultural consumer cooperatives for the development of their material and technical base
Subsidies for the reimbursement of part of the direct costs incurred for the creation and modernization of agricultural facilities
Technical and technological modernization of agriculture
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