Altai Biopharmaceutical Cluster

The Altai Biopharmaceutical Cluster “AltaiBio” (, founded in 2008 in the science city of the Russian Federation in Biysk, is a successful example of combining the experience of scientific organizations and universities with the capabilities of the leaders of the market in biologically active additives and medicines and the mobility of small innovative companies. The activity of the partnership is related to the strategic interests of the state in the field of pharmaceutics and health-improving nutrition.


The cluster is based on the consolidation of efforts and resources to achieve three main objectives:

- development of a modern production base that meets GMP standards, which allows to produce medicinal substances and finished dosage forms with high efficiency

- production and marketing of generic drugs

- development and production of innovative drugs for import substitution and innovative products that are competitive on world markets.


The range of products of the biopharmaceutical cluster currently exceeds 1000 item names. All products are positioned under the trade mark “AltaiBio” and are supplied to 53 regions of Russia and 18 foreign countries. Among the innovative products of AltaiBio are crystalline glyoxal, oxidized dextrans, highly effective dressings based on crystalline sorbents, as well as a number of drugs that have immunomodulatory and antiviral effect. The first production complex to produce cylinders and tubes for pharmaceutical and perfumery-cosmetic enterprises was opened in Siberia.


The development program of “AltaiBio” is included in the list of 26 pilot territorial innovative clusters, approved by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation. Members of the partnership hold leading positions in the formation of technological platforms “Medicine of the Future” and “BioTech 2030”.


Systemic activity on the development of biotechnology contributed to the inclusion of Altai Krai in the number of participants in the interregional project “Siberian Biotechnological Initiative”, aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Russian biotechnology sector.

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