Altai Cluster of Agricultural Machine Industry

The Altai Cluster of Agricultural Machine Industry (алтакам.рф) began its activity in the spring of 2010, combining in the form of a non-profit partnership more than 16 agricultural machinery enterprises, educational and research institutions, and public organizations. Currently, in order to support traditional production and increase their innovative competencies, the cluster brings together 27 organizations.

The main tasks of the cluster are:

- development of agricultural machinery in Altai Krai

- provision of agricultural producers with modern high-efficiency equipment for resource-saving technologies

- the combination of intellectual, industrial and financial resources in the field of agricultural machine industry in the region to create new generation machines in the form of technological complexes.


Enterprises of the Cluster manufacture modern types of equipment, more than 19 new agricultural machinery have been produced, there is an expansion of previously established assembly facilities (the assembly of powerful tractors in conjunction with the St. Petersburg Tractor Plant, the assembly of harvesters under PALESSE brand). At the same time, the task is to increase the level of localization of assembly production through cooperation with enterprises that are part of the cluster.


A significant part of the cluster's output is sold owing to the programs of federal and regional leasing of agricultural machinery. AltaKAM concentrates its efforts on active promotion of the produced equipment and development of the dealer network, which already has representative offices in 65 regions of Russia. To create a personnel reserve of participating enterprises, a training center was opened for machine building workers.

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