Altai Cluster of Power Engineering and Energy-Efficient Technologies

Altai Cluster of Power Engineering and Energy-Efficient Technologies ( was established in June 2011.


There are two poles in the Cluster’s structure.


The power engineering pole is concentrated on the production of power aggregates and auxiliary equipment for electricity producers and transporters.


The activity of the power engineering pole is aimed at the end users of electric power through the introduction of energy-saving technologies.


Enterprises implement joint projects aimed at increasing the competitiveness of both the companies themselves and the regional energy complex as a whole. The coordinated actions of enterprises in the sectorial market contribute to their joint participation in contract work on the modernization and reconstruction of large heat and electric power facilities in Russia and the CIS countries. In addition, the development of small energy enterprises in the field of energy conservation is actively promoted in the markets of border areas. The intra-cluster contract system is developing on the basis of transfer pricing.


To produce products that meet international quality standards, two laboratories of metal center are put into operation, which are equipped with modern machines, equipment and software. Infrastructure projects are being developed for the creation of a single consulting and marketing center with the aim of developing the image direction “Made in the Cluster”.

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