KGBU "Altai Center of Cluster Development" (KGBU “ACCD”) - an object of the infrastructure to support small and medium-sized businesses, founded in 2010.

Over the period from 2010 to 2018, more than 430 manufacturing companies, with the assistance of the Altai Cluster Development Center, received state support for a total of over 261 million rubles.



The activity of the Altai Center of Cluster Development is aimed at implementing the regional cluster policy and facilitating the formation of economic conditions conducive to innovation-technological and economic development of enterprises (including the participants in the territorial clusters of Altai Krai).

Among the main tasks:

- identification of cluster initiatives;

- providing cooperation of participants in territorial clusters;

- assistance in the coordination of business projects that provide the development of territorial clusters, including innovative ones;

- provision of state support measures.

In addition, the Center provides services to companies-participants of regional clusters on the principle of "one-stop shop":

- creation and development of centers for collective use of equipment;

- consulting services;

- conducting marketing researches;

- organization of communication activities (seminars, trainings, etc.);

- conducting information campaigns, promoting presentations, exhibitions and fairs;

- assistance in the certification procedure, in terms of ensuring that the products of the residents of clusters comply with the requirements of consumers in order to enter new markets;

- financial support for joint cluster projects.

At present, ACCR coordinates the activities of five industrial and industrial clusters of the region: the Altai Biopharmaceutical Cluster AltaiBio, the Altai Cluster of Power Machine Building and Energy Efficient Technologies ALTEK, the Altai Polymer Composite Cluster Altaypolikompozit, the Altai Agricultural Machinery Cluster Altakam and the Barnaul Industrial Chemical Cluster "Chemical cluster of Barnaul".

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Since 2014, the Regional Engineering Center (RCI) has been functioning. In addition to the specialization in the field of biotechnology, the Center's activities are aimed at supporting the subjects of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) of Altai Krai in the development, modernization and introduction of new technologies, as well as providing engineering, organizational, technical, consulting and marketing services.

The main goal of the RCI is to increase the technological readiness of small and medium-sized businesses to realize their innovative potential and increase competitiveness.


Among the services rendered by the Center:

- assessment of the technological readiness of the SMEs to introduce innovations;

- testing biotechnological products;

- technological, managerial and financial audit;

- assistance in obtaining engineering, consulting and design and engineering services, in preparation of feasibility studies;

- assistance in obtaining consulting, organizational and technical services, marketing and educational services;

- anti-crisis consulting;

- assistance in the certification of SME products;

- consulting services for the protection of rights to the results of intellectual activity (patent services).

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