Regional Autonomous Institution “Altai Center of Public-Private Partnership and Attracting Investments”

Core Business: 

- development of measures to attract Russian and foreign investments in projects aimed at modernization of the Altai Krai’s economy; 
- providing of the “one-stop shop” for investors in coordination with executive authorities; 
- contribution to project team creation to support and implement particular investment turn-key project; 
- promotion of Altai Krai investment opportunities and projects in Russia and abroad (particularly, through conferences, exhibitions and forums); 
- providing cooperation with investment and venture funds, banks, foreign public investment agencies, special purpose financial companies, Russian and foreign development institutes in order to use their potential and opportunities with regard to funding and investments support in Altai Krai; 
- representing interests of Altai Krai in the public and private partnership projects; 
- organizing human resources development and rendering of consulting services for the benefit of participants of the investment business. 

Contact Information: 

Director: Skobov Maxim Stanislavovich

Address: 118 Prospekt Komsomolsky, office 114, Barnaul, 656056

Tel./fax: 8 (3852) 201-960, 201-961  


Official website:

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