to conclude concession agreements

in 2017 on behalf of Altai Krai





Investment amount

Planned project capacity

Type of work under the concession agreement (creation and (or) reconstruction)

Description of services (activities) provided for within the framework of the use (operation) of the object

Object location

Indoor ice rink with artificial ice KGBU DO "Children and Youth Sports School in ice hockey “Altai"

Service sector

400 million rubles

arena for 3,500 seats, continuously operating throughout the year; hotel with 100 rooms of one-time accommodation


Carrying out training activity, hotel services delivery, catering services, other services related to mass sports and recreation

52 Prospekt Sibirsky, Barnaul, Altai Krai; cadastral number to a plot of land: 22:63:020628:4

Center of folk crafts with a hotel complex, with a foodservice outlet

Service sector

17,7 million rubles


Center of folk crafts - 20 people per shift; hotel complex - 32 rooms of one-time accommodation; foodservice outlet - 20 people / seats; exhibition hall - 40 people


Conducting of students' production practice

KGBPOU "Altai College of Industrial Technologies and Business", services delivery for additional education of the population, hotel services, catering services, trade and exhibition activities

Алтайский край, Бийский район, пос. Полеводка, 
ул. Трактовая, д. 1; кадастровый номер объекта: 22:04:210001:417; кадастровый номер земельного участка: 22:04:210001:57

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