Success stories. Projects implemented in the Altai Territory

Altai Precision Products Plant


"Altai Precision Products Plant" was established on the basis of the workshop of a motor plant and for 25 years has passed the path that world leaders have mastered over a century. At the start, the company produced products developed at the beginning of the 20th century. And now it is one of the leaders in the market of modern fuel equipment for diesel engines.

Victor Herman, Chairman of the Board of AZPI:

"In the late 1980s we had a delegation from a private company from the USA Ambac International. Now we produce for Ambac 59 modifications of sprayers and three modifications of hydromechanical injectors. Robert Isherwood said that his company has the best business relations with AZPI for more than one hundred years of their work. And they started with just two modifications of sprayers and one - nozzles.

The latest developments of the AZPI are the family of fuel-supplying battery systems of the new generation of Common Rail, we call it the Altay Common Rail System. These are electronically controlled systems that control both the engine and the fuel equipment, which makes it possible to achieve high efficiency and environmental friendliness. Without this system, the engine will never reach the standard "Euro-4, 5, 6".

Since 2011, we have manufactured and supplied sprayers for the orders of R. Bosch GmbH, in total 39 modifications. And about two years ago the company gave us the task: to do the re-engineering of the Denso sprayer. It is a Japanese manufacturer that produces fuel equipment for diesel engines on Toyota, Nissan, etc.

You know, the Japanese have the highest quality. We made our sample and gave it to the test in Bosch. The best results were shown by the samples of AZPI. Even Denso, the author, was worse.

At the same Bosch gave the same task to their factories. And till now experts of this company carry out researches and checks to understand the real reason for the superiority of our sprayers.

And more about quality. In the international automotive standard there is such an indicator: ppm - the number of failures per million items. We have zero since 2010. And at the Bosch factories, the target is 50 - that is, what they are only striving for. From this follows a simple conclusion: we are now the leaders of quality in the world".

In order to produce an accurate product, the equipment must be even more accurate. This is an axiom. In the early 1990s, the plant adopted the program "Machine Tool Building". To produce not only a high-precision product, but also equipment, rigging, bench economy, electronics, etc. We organized a special unit manufacturing and modernizing the machines the plant needed.

Today, we produced at least 95% of the equipment ourselves, or we bought them on the secondary, as a rule, market and converted to our needs, improving the characteristics. Under the Russian financial system, it would be impossible to do what we did if we did not apply this move".



The company "Altaytara" was established in 2007 in Barnaul, the capital of the Altai Territory. The production capacity of the enterprise is more than 9 million square meters of corrugated cardboard per month.

The products are manufactured using equipment created by the leading profile companies of different countries of the world. The capacities and logistics of the company "Altaytar" allow offering the market not only standard, but also individual projects of any size and configuration. Corrugated packaging from the company "Altaytara" is a complex packaging solution, optimal for each specific product.

The potential of the enterprise grew, it saw excellent opportunities for further development: the sales market was rapidly expanding, which required large volumes, a variety of assortments and a systematic, stable partnership with suppliers of packaging. To meet the needs of the market, it was decided to complete the modernization of production. In just two years, a profile room was built, equipment purchased, which is proud of the world's leading brands-producers of the United States, Korea, Italy, Taiwan and China. The new production site was equipped with its own railway tracks, and this allows the company to receive raw materials on the right schedule, irrespective of climatic features.

The high-tech site was completely launched in August 2012, and since then any operation performed in the production, each new order perfectly demonstrates the results of the modernization. 

"Altaytara" produces corrugated cardboard and the actual packaging. This year the enterprise plans to increase production capacity by 20% to 9 million square meters of corrugated cardboard per year. At the same time, the number of employees will remain at the same level - 161 people.

The head of "Altaytary" Andrei Lazarev:

"We made a bet on high-tech production. Bought, for example, a computer program to manage equipment, which cost us 10 million rubles. It will allow you to plan the loading of production, will undertake what people are doing now. And also we can reduce the cost of the final product and expand the sales markets - extend the logistics shoulder and carry the products further than now."


Rubtsovsk Dairy Factory

Rubtsovsk Milk Factory is a structural subdivision of the transnational corporation PepsiCo.

"Rubtsovsk Dairy Plant" is one of the largest and most dynamically developing enterprises of the Altai Territory. The factory produces Lambert cheese with a 50% fat mass fraction and 55% weight of about one kilogram, as well as butter "Krestyanskoe" and "Sladkoslivochnoe". 

"Lambert" is a popular brand of cheese of Russian origin, which occupies strong positions in the market of yellow cheeses in Russia. We expect to strengthen our position in the cheese market in Russia with the launch of new equipment at the Rubtsovsk Dairy, "said Alla Filatova, marketing manager for the Lambert brand. 

"Rubtsovsk Milk Factory" works with nine suppliers of raw milk of the Altai Territory. PepsiCo invests heavily in the development of milk producers. Interest-free advances for field work, targeted financial support for the modernization of farms, purchase of necessary equipment and equipment - all this allows to increase production and improve the quality of raw milk supplied by agricultural producers of the Altai Territory to the enterprise. 

Silvio Popovich, President of PepsiCo in Russia:

"With the acquisition of Wimm-Bill-Dann, PepsiCo has become one of the largest producers of dairy products in Russia. We invest significant funds in the development and modernization of our production sites that produce dairy products, which is so familiar to millions of Russians. With the expansion of the production of Lambert cheese, we will be able to meet the growing demand for Russian-made cheeses. PepsiCo will continue to remain committed to the Russian market and will continue to delight consumers with high-quality food products, giving them millions of smiles." 

From the PepsiCo message:

"Rubtsovsk plant, where the cheese" Lambert "is produced, is the first fully automated enterprise for the production of hard cheese in our country. And thanks to the recent expansion of production capacity and the installation of new equipment, the production of Lambert cheese has increased by 40%."

PepsiCo conducts active social activities in the region, supporting city sports and cultural events. So, over the past few years, the company sponsored children's tournaments organized by the Chess Federation of the Altai Territory. Rubtsovsk Milk Plant is also an annual participant of the largest international festival "Cheese Festival" in the Altai Territory. 


«Pokrovskaya cheese factory»


The new milk processing enterprise «Pokrovskaya cheese factory» appeared in Novoaltaysk on the territory of outstripping socio-economic development (TOSER).

At the beginning «Pokrovskaya Cheese Factory» will produce several kinds of semi-solid cheese with walnuts, pine nuts, melted milk and other ingredients. Moreover, there is a special tasting room, where the technologist is permanently improving the release of the main types of cheeses in the factory.

It is planned that the enterprise will process about 10 tons of milk per day. Milk will be brought from foothill areas of the region. The monthly volume of finished products is planned in amount 25 tons per month.

In the long term, investors are considering the ways of expanding the plant, in particular, about starting the production of soft cheeses Adyghe and cheese «pigtails» type.

An executive director of the company «Pokrovskaya cheese factory» Ivan Gazukin: «We are focused on the production of high-quality cheese from good milk. Partners from Moscow and St. Petersburg are waiting for our products since February. At the first stage, cheese will be sold through large wholesalers». 

     «Renaissance Cosmetics»


The company «Renaissance Cosmetics» is one of the largest beyond the Urals company that produce cosmetics and household chemicals. The company has a successful experience on the market for more than 18 years.

«Renaissance Cosmetics» produces more than 700 types of products, more than 450 items are produced for retail chains, such as: «Magnet», «Lenta», «Holiday», «Maria-RA», «O'Key», «Metro», «Pyaterochka», «Novex», «Alpari» , «Monetka», «Ulybka radugi» («Smile of a rainbow»), «Aniks», «Commander», «Slata».


Products of «Renaissance Cosmetics» are widely spread in Siberia: they are used by every second inhabitant of the Altai Territory, every third inhabitant of the Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions. The enterprise ships more than 2.5 thousand tons of production per month. The total area of industrial and warehouse areas of the enterprise is 15 thousand square meters.

The company has a wide distribution: from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin, from Yakutia to the border with Tajikistan and also in the CIS countries: Belarus, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and on the territory of the PRC.

The company «Renaissance Cosmetics» is known for such trade marks as «Beneficial cleaning», «Ecotherapy», «Tenderness of touch», «Herbs of Altai», «FLASHine», «For the whole family», «LaRossa», «Rosinka on a palm», «Chistyunka», «BRAND» and others.

The enterprise does not stop there: today the company «Renaissance Cosmetics» is engaged in the modernization of technological lines, which will increase the capacity for the production of cosmetic products and household chemicals.

«Sweet –Kit»


The company «Sweet-Kit» was established in 2007 as a member of the group of companies LLC «Sweet». There are more than 90 types of bedding in the product range of the company. The main products are sets of bed linen from «economy» to «luxury» level, sewn from coarse calico, poplin and satin.

Most of the products are sold outside the Altai Territory, only 15-16% of them are sold in the region. The rest is supplied to the regions of Russia from the Urals to the Far East. The company has been actively exporting its products to the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan during the last two years.

Currently, «Sweet-Kit» company implements an investment project «Construction of a combine for producing and finishing cotton, mixed and knitted fabrics for the production of bed linen».

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