The food industry enterprises of Altai Krai dispatch 6.6 billion rubles of goods

The food industry enterprises of Altai Krai dispatch 6.6 billion rubles of goods

In January, the volume of shipped goods of food processing industry of Altai Krai was 6.6 billion rubles. This indicator exceeds the level of the same period of 2014 by 15.6%. Experts note an upward trend in the production of certain types of products: butter was produced more than in January 2014 by 27.7%, unrefined vegetable oil - by 1.1%, mayonnaise and sauces - by 0.7%, confectionery products – by 6.2%, cereal crops for breakfast - by 18.4%.

Such product production was increased by more than 30% as cheeses and cheese products - by 37.4%, canned vegetables and fruits - by 33.1%, ice cream and frozen desserts - by 34.4%, refined oil - by 30.2% .

Milk processing enterprises of the region produced powdered milk by 1.8 times more in comparison with the same period of last year.

The Directorate added that producers of the Krai expand the range of food products to increase the volume of import-substituting products. Group of Companies “Yug Sibiri” has grasped a new line of salad oil "Yantar Altai": cedar, sea buckthorn, pumpkin and flax. Confectionery Company “Altai” started production of the bar with muesli, honey and sea buckthorn. This product has no analogues in Russia. The company “Rikon” began producing cheese for frying following an ancient recipe. Earlier this segment of the Russian market was presented by foreign analogue. The processed cheese plant “Plavych” began the production of analogue known as European cheese “Feta”. The company "Lyubava" has expanded the range of products by foreign analogue of curd cheese.

By the General Directorate of Altai Krai of food manufacturing, processing and pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology

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