В Алтайском крае запустили производство кошерного мяса

The production of kosher meat was launched in Altai Krai

In Smolensk District there is a plant for the production of kosher meat. Products will be supplied to retail outlets in neighboring regions.

The plant for the production of kosher meat has been in operation in Altai Krai - that is suitable permitted meat in terms of the Torah, which means instruction and offers a way of life for religious Jews who follow it. The products are now delivered to the store of kosher products and Novosibirsk’s restaurant. It is expected that the kosher meat production lot will be sent to outlets in neighboring regions in the future.

The enterprise had been in operation in Altai Krai, because the region has the opportunity for a clean meat production. The plant is located in the Smolensk District, it was rented by entrepreneur.Reference: kosher meat is a meat of permitted animals: herbivores and even-toed ungulates: cows, sheep, goats, elk and others. Thus, the pig meat isn’t in the category of kosher meat. Besides, meat should be slaughtered by specific method. Then the meat is watered and salted, that it soaks blood, after that meat is washed.

By the online magazine "Capitalist"

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