Altay Krai will cooperate with "Skolkovo"

Altay Krai will cooperate with "Skolkovo"

The authorities of Altai Krai have signed the document on cooperation with the Centre for Development and Commercialization of New Technologies "Skolkovo". The parties intend to cooperate in the development of innovative activities in two areas: horticulture and the development of modern biological and medical technologies.

Among the areas of innovation in horticulture- the methods of creating new varieties, selection, training methods and techniques to improve soil, precision farming technology and efficient land use, harvesting and storage of foods, plants of biofactories.

It is supposed to develop the innovation environment in the region including through the attraction of private investment. In the near future as a result of the monitoring it will be selected the most promising projects for joint development.

By the Informational Agency "Amitel"

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