Altai authorities again changed the conditions for the receiving patents

Altai authorities again changed the conditions for the receiving patents

The deputies of the regional parliament intend to adopt periodic amendments to the Law of the patent taxation system in Altai Krai. Regional governments want to be interested in the patent more entrepreneurs: reduce the size of the tax base and extend the operation of descending coefficients.

According to the proposed amendments, the base, from which it is calculated value of the patent - potential annual revenue – it will be reduced for many activities. For example, for tutoring and nanny or babysitter positions it will be reduced to four times, for artisans, craftsmen and repair of furniture or key cutting workers – by half.

Besides, the deputies propose to increase the number of activities covered by the patent - from 54 to 70. Among the new - such as the production of planting materials, dairy products, aged care services, the repair of computers and programming, recycling waste, forestry, fish farming.

According to Vice Governor Vladimir Pritupov for 44 activities patent will cost up to 350 rubles per month, for 13 species - from 350 to 500 rubles, for 28 - from 500 to 700 rubles. For 48% of activities the size of the tax payment will be less than one thousand rubles, for 18% - more than 1.5 thousand.

The main purpose of the changes - the legalization of black business, self-employment. Today, only 84 entrepreneurs work in the patent system in the region. In May, there were 68. In June, the regional deputies adopted amendments to the Law, which reduced coefficients depending, firstly, on the location of the business (all municipalities were divided into four groups, the coefficients from 1 to 0.7), secondly, on the number of employees (the more employees - up to 15 people, the lower the payment).

The proposed version of the bill must close patent to the other taxation systems as much as possible as close as possible on its profitability for the business.

By the Publishing House “Altapress”

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