Altai Krai is going to increase the attracted investment amount and define the investment priorities this year

Altai Krai is going to increase the attracted investment amount and define the investment priorities this year

Deputy Governor and Head of the Main Department of Economy and Investment Nicholay Chinyakov informed that the regional authorities expect the increase of investment in the real sector of the regional economy compared to 2015. Estimated growth based on the results of 2016 could reach, according to forecasts, about 10 percent.

This year, according to the Deputy Governor and the Head of Department of Economy and Investment, despite the difficult macroeconomic situation in Altai Krai there is an increase of attracted bank loans volume for investment purposes.

He said that today in the regional base there are about 850 investment projects related to construction, reconstruction and modernization of production facilities. It is expected that in 2016 the investment volume will amount to about 100 billion rubles (in 2015 - 91.9 billion rubles) in fixed assets. “We appreciate every project, although we plan to stand out among them a number of priorities to attract government support”, said Nikolay Chinyakov. Priority projects will include projects with an estimated amount of necessary investment with not less than 500 million rubles, also related to the development of tourism cluster, industrial parks, priority development area (PDA).

As a promising investment projects Nikolay Chinyakov named organization in Altai Krai leather haberdashery production, which could be associated with the Zarinsk’s enterprise for leather processing in partnership with the investor AO “Russian leather.”  “To create such productions, which would be actively involved small and medium businesses, there are developed infrastructural sites, qualified staff.”

Promising direction to attract investment in the region is the chemical industry. “Given the significant industry potential, the presence of such large enterprises in the territory as Federal Research and Production Center “Altai” and Institute for Problems of Chemical & Energetic Technologies of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPCET SB RAS) in Biysk, we intend to audit the investment opportunities in order to claim to attract funds for the projects implementation,” said Nikolay Chinyakov.

As for the activation of the inflow of investments in the region, it may contribute to the establishment of the PDAs in the region on the basis of monotowns. Therefore, the regional authorities propose the government to make changes to existing federal legislation about the PDAs and expand their list. Moreover, according to Nicholay Chinyakov, this status may provoke interest of internal, regional investors who are ready to combine their production capacities on such promising areas as the PDA. Every applicant town has currently formed special management teams, which will protect their investment proposals and projects in the government.

“We make every effort that our monotowns can be included in the list of the PDAs,” said the Deputy Governor and the Head of Economy and Investment.

“In many ways, the successful implementation of these plans will depend on how we can effectively work with investors, create infrastructural conditions for the realization of their projects,” - summed up Nikolay Chinyakov.

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