Altai Krai ranks first in Siberia in pig farming development

Altai Krai ranks first in Siberia in pig farming development

According to the results of 2015 Altai Krai is the leader among the regions of the Siberian Federal District in the number of pigs: in the region there are almost 599 thousand animal units. The second place - Krasnoyarsk Krai with more than 593 thousand animal units, the third place - Omsk Oblast - 567 thousand animal units.

Pig farming - one of the main livestock sub-sectors in Altai Krai, which develops in all areas and natural and climatic zones of the region, for this reason, there is a good forage base (own grain production provides almost all components of the pig ration).

As noted in the Main Department of Agriculture of Altai Krai, in recent years, pig farming has made a fresh start with the construction of large modern farms in the region.

Today, there are 430.3 thousand animal units in subsidiary household plots, 147.6 thousand animal units in farm enterprises, 12.1 thousand animal units in peasant farm enterprises and farms of individual entrepreneurs. There is a tendency of livestock decrease in almost all types of farms except for agricultural enterprises, in which there was a slight increase to 1.7% compared to the previous year.

In order to create conditions for the development of industrial pig farming in the region a departmental target program “Development of industrial pig farming in Altai Krai” was adopted for 2015-2017 years. It provides a whole range of government support measures, including subsidizing part of the cost for the purchase of machinery and equipment for pig farming; subsidizing part of the cost of farm enterprises for procurement and purchase of feed for the pigs rearing in industrial pig complexes of the region; assistance in staff training and retraining. The implementation of this program in 2012-2014 has proved its effectiveness: the increase of animals in pig farming peaked in those years.

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