The number of sheep and goats is steadily growing in Altai Krai

The number of sheep and goats is steadily growing in Altai Krai

Altai Krai gradually rekindles the glory of the largest sheep-breeding region. Over the past 10 years the number of sheep and goats increased by 1.5 times in the region and at the beginning of 2016 it has amounted to almost 250 thousand animal units.

“Sheep farming of Altai Krai demonstrates the positive dynamics of development in recent years,” said the Deputy Governor of Altai Krai Alexander Lukyanov.  “In 2013-2015, the sheep population in the farms of the Krai has increased more than 16 thousand animal units. Enterprises raising sheep receive government support, which is provided for the broodstock, regardless of the direction of productivity, as well as for the development of sheep breeding.”

Since 2016 the Krai has begun to subsidize the production of fine-fleeced and fine-half- fleeced wool. “This is a new line of support, which is focused on stimulating the production of final products and increase the efficiency of the industry, its intensification,” emphasized in the Main Department of Agriculture of Altai Krai.

According the Altai Center of Investment and Development, Altai Krai has all the necessary resources for the development of the industry today: natural and climatic conditions, hayfields and pastures occupy about 4 million hectares, sufficient labor resources, which allows raising sheep of different breeds. Modern breeding base of fine-wool sheep farming of the Krai is represented by three breeding plants: OAO “Stepnoe” of the Rodinsky District, OAO “Ovtsevod” of the Rubtsovsky District, the Agricultural Production Cooperative kolkhoz “Siberia” of the Tretyakovsky District. These farms have the best gene pool of fine-fleeced sheep farming in the region.

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