Governor Alexander Karlin: “220 representatives of domestic agricultural machinery industry want to participate in the All-Russian Field Day”

Governor Alexander Karlin: “220 representatives of domestic agricultural machinery industry want to participate in the All-Russian Field Day”

Large forum of agribusiness professionals held in Altai Krai last week - Conference “Altaibioteh - innovations for the agricultural sector.” It brought together representatives of federal ministries and agencies, members of the scientific community, heads and specialists of the country's agricultural enterprises.

Greeting the guests and participants of the conference Alexander Karlin described timeliness of the discussing topic: “The world’s consumption of biotechnological products is currently estimated at 400 billion dollars, and the foreseeable growth rate will be 10-12% per year. In particular, industry analysis shows that biopharmaceuticals accounts for about 60% of the market, industrial biotechnology -35%, agro-biotechnology and environmental biotechnology -5%.”

The Governor emphasized that agricultural biotechnologies are of great significance to Altai Krai, their use allows to significantly improve the measures of efficiency and reduce environmental impact. According to estimates of the interdepartmental control implementation of biotechnology group the overall economic effect of the use of biological products in crop growing and animal husbandry of Russia may reach 100 billion rubles per year at a cost of 10.5 billion rubles.

In the Strategy of Socio-economic Development of Altai Krai until 2025, introduction of biotechnology is outlined as one of the key factors of economic growth in several directions. These are production and processing of agricultural raw materials; synthesis of drugs and food additives; environmental protection and rational use of natural resources; energy and energy conservation, new materials. The regulatory and legal framework fundamentals of the biotechnology introduction are confirmed in regional program “Development of biotechnologies in Altai Krai for the period till 2020” and government program “Development of innovative territorial cluster “AltaiBio.” The region formed infrastructure to support applied researches and training of specialists, including a regional engineering center in the field of biotechnology, specialized biotechnology centers in the Altai State University and Polzunov Altai State Technical University.

The Governor of Altai Krai stressed that the Krai has been actively introducing biotechnologies in production in the past few years. “We have already established administrative competences in the field of biotechnology. Thus, biotechnologies have been included even in the name of one of our departments. We have some experience, and we are ready to carry out research in this field, and their implementation in production. We are interested in it both economically and socially. The groundwork has been already laid for doing all this work, and it includes an engineering center “Prombioteh”, which today we showed our guests, who came to the Conference “Altaibioteh - innovations for the agricultural sector.”

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