Alexander Karlin: Altai produce the best children's porridges

Alexander Karlin: Altai produce the best children's porridges

In Barnaul, International Dairy Conference has been launched, informed the press service of the Administration of Altai Krai.

Academicians, doctors of sciences, honoured workers of science, university presidents, director of industry research institutes, outstanding figures of science of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Lithuania - more than 80 people participated in the Forum.

Altai Krai - the third in the country in the milk production. More than 1.4 million tons are annually produced. In the past year 83.5 thousand tons of cheese and cheese products were produced, it was the best result in the country. Every sixth cheese in Russia is produced in Altai Krai. A historical maximum for the region was achieved in the production of butter in 2015 - more than 19 thousand tons.

Alexander Karlin said that in spite of these achievements the dairy farming and milk processing are not used all the internal resources of these industries, food biotechnology for the processing of secondary resources of the dairy industry are not used in the full.

“We consider the dairy industry as an important component in providing our population with high-quality food products. This is one of the key elements in the struggle for the health of our people. It is impossible to grow and rise to be a healthy child without dairy products. Of course, we are absolutely convinced that we should feed Russian children by the baby food of domestic production,” said Alexander Karlin.

The Governor noted that the Krai has already gained experience in the development of production of products for baby food.

“We are proud to produce children's porridges of the best quality in the country and to supply the products to the regions of Siberia, the Urals and the Far East. Altai Krai is one of the few regions of the country where companies of meat-processing industry produce products for children, including products for pupil food, children from kindergartens,” pointed out Alexander Karlin.


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