Altai Krai ranks the third in the production of high-quality beef in Russia

Altai Krai ranks the third in the production of high-quality beef in Russia

Altai Krai is a region with the largest number of cattle.

In Altai Krai more than 250 agricultural producers breed specialized beef cattle and fatten the cattle to the heavy weight. The development of this industry in Altai Krai contributes to the support provided within the framework of economically significant program for the development of beef cattle, and the Government program of agriculture development. Through its implementation, for the last 7 years cattle and mixed bred cattle population in the region has increased almost by factor of 5, and the production of high-quality beef - almost by factor of 6. According to the Main Department of Agriculture, there were 849 thousand cattle in the region at the time of July 1, 2016. In December 2015 Altai Krai ranked 4th in the country in the cattle population – 842.8 thousand animal units (after the Republic of Bashkortostan - 1228.6 thousand, the Republic of Tatarstan – 1038.9 thousand and The Republic of Dagestan- 998.2 animal units).

In 2015, in Altai Krai beef production outputs were 118 thousand tons that according to estimates have provided the region 3rd place in Russia in this indicator after Bashkortostan and Tatarstan. The fourth and fifth positions in the ranking are Krasnodar Krai (111.8 thousand tons of beef) and the Republic of Dagestan (106.2 thousand tons).

Background information. The meat processing plants continue to equip the modern energy-efficient machinery and equipment during 6 months of 2016. 21 projects on construction of new enterprises, reconstruction and modernization of existing meat processing enterprises of the region are implemented to ensure the processing of raw meat this year. The total investment in fixed assets of meat industry was 261.2 million rubles.


The most significant projects are:


LLC “Altaymyasoprom” (Talmensky District) plans to put a new modern slaughterhouse into operation with a capacity of 400 animal units per shift on the basis of its own pig complex, construction of a meat processing plant in the future;

LLC “Agro-industrial company “Altai meat” (Talmensky District) has started the implementation of the investment project “Construction of the complex (slaughterhouse) for slaughter, primary, deep processing and storage of cattle meat, grown in the region, with a capacity of 600 tons per month (25,000 cattle per year)”;

JSC “Antipinskoye” (Togulsky District) has started construction of enterprise for cattle slaughter and processing of livestock products.


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