В Алтайском крае продолжается строительство инженерной инфраструктуры к туристическому субкластеру «Белокуриха-2»

Altai Krai will continue the construction of engineering infrastructure to tourism subcluster “Belokurikha-2”

The area under construction is realized in the framework of the federal target program “Development of Domestic and Inbound Tourism in the Russian Federation.” The total estimated cost of construction of gas, water and sewerage supply networks exceeds 600 million rubles. Funding is provided by the federal and regional budgets. According to the information-analytical portal Doc22, 10 kilometers of water supply networks, 11 kilometers of sewage collector will be built in the facility, 6 pumping stations, constructions for mechanical processing of wastewater with equalization tank will be installed. Water pipe will start from Belokurikha’s water inlet and wastewater will be returned to the waste treatment facilities of the city. The total cost - 398 million rubles. In 2018, facilities should be put in commission.

The construction of the gas pipeline has already begun. The total length of the networks will be almost 30 kilometers. The line will be held on the territories of Belokurikha, the Altaysky and Smolensky Districts. Not only residents of “Belokurikha-2”, but also residents of subcluster “Sibirskoye Podvorie” will be able to connect to the new gas pipeline. Under the contract, the cost of works is 202 million rubles. The Head of Heat Supply Division of the Main Department of Construction, Transport, Housing and Utilities and Road Infrastructure of Altai Krai Igor Spivak said that gasification is divided into two stages. The first stage will be completed this year and will provide blue flame natural gas for “Sibirskoye Podvorie.” Completion of the second stage of construction is planned for 2017.

The well-developed communications system will allow investors of “Belokurikha-2” to start work. Some residents have already been decided. These are generally the current sites of the resort town - sanatoriums and several investors developing tourist and entertainment destinations. According to First Deputy Head of the City’s Administration Alexander Kiunov, at present, capacities of a sanatorium and resort complex of a “big” Belokurikha are not enough to accommodate all those, who want to undergo a care, especially in the summer. “Belokurikha-2” will double the number of accommodation places.

Background information. Resort “Belokurikha-2” is established in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 644 of 02.08.2011 “On the Federal Target Program “Development of Domestic and Inbound Tourism in the Russian Federation.” The government provides funding for the construction of the entire infrastructure for the resort. An asphalt road has already been built. The resort has the potential to use alkaline siliceous thermal waters of Iskrovsky deposit explored in 1991 in the 13 km from Belokurikha. 

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