Altai “Melnik” is in the top of the most efficient agribusiness companies in Russia - the “Expert”

Altai “Melnik” is in the top of the most efficient agribusiness companies in Russia - the “Expert”

Rating was made by the analytical center “Expert” according to the results of the country's agro-industrial companies in 2015.

Agroindustrial company “Miller” - the market leader in grain processing, not only in Altai Krai and Siberia, but also on a nationwide scale. The structure of “Miller” - two major grain-processing companies, eight enterprises growing crops, cattle-breeding complex of 2.5 thousand dairy cows, elevator-storage facility, milling complex, pasta factory, several grain workshops, oil workshop, two feed plants, the bakeries and corporate chain. The area of ​​farmlands - more than 100 thousand hectares, more than 89 thousand hectares of them - arable lands. Storages allow storing 260 thousand tons of grain. Flour complex includes five mills, mainly in Italy. Pasta factory capacity - 200 tons of pasta per day.

“Expert-Siberia” also made a rating of the best agricultural enterprises, but, of course, within the boundaries of the Siberian region. The top 50 includes 18 processing enterprises of Altai Krai. Rating is based on the results shown by enterprises in 2014 and 2015 (profit, growth, production and sales volumes).

According to Kapitalist, the strongest positions of Altai companies are in crop and vegetable growing. In this sphere, businesses of the Krai have half sales of the enterprises of the agricultural industry in Siberia.

“Expert-Siberia” gave the company “Aleyskzernoproduct” the 1st place, - large agro-industrial complex with full technological cycle of growing and processing of grain, production and packaging of products. The holding company structure - powerful agricultural enterprises (provide processing capacity of holding own grain, milk and meat), two mills, a workshop for pasta production, grain workshop, oat-meal mill, workshop for the production of cereal, butter plant, feed mill, workshop for production of premixes and feed for unproductive animals, own accredited laboratory.

The top ten also includes the company “Kubanka” (Kalmansky District), AKH “Anuyskoe” (Petropavlovsky District), greenhouse complex “Industrial” (Barnaul), “Altai seeds”, farm “Octybrskoe” (Zonalny District), JSC named after Gastello (Khabarsky District) and the PZ “Komsomolskoe” (Pavlovsky district).

The top 50 enterprises of Siberia also included the companies “Kolyvanskoe” (Pavlovsky District), “Sistema” (Topchihinsky District), “Urozhaynoe”(Sovetsky District), “Octybrsky”(Zmeinogorsky District), “Kiprinskoe” (Shelabolikhinsky District), farm named after Anatolyof Khabarsky District, “Altai Food Company” (Volchikhinsky District), “Rodinsky” (Rodinsky District), “Voskhod” (Zmeinogorsky District) and “Russian vegetable” (Pervomaysky District).

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