Barnaul is located on the 20th place among 30 the best cities for business - 2012

The main index of assessing the investment activity of economic entities territory is the volume of investment in capital stock. The annual value of this indicator for Barnaul since 2007 has more than doubled by the end of 2012 amounted to about 39.8 billion rubles. Investments city constitute about half of the investment resources of the Altai Territory. In 2013, there is the trend of slowing economic growth, which is reflected in the investment activity. This is indicated by the value of investments in capital stock - 20 billion rubles for 9 months of 2013, representing 92% of the value of the same period of 2012 in comparable prices. Since 2012, the city implemented a long-term target program «Improving the investment attractiveness of the city of Barnaul 2012-2017». As part of the marketing territory were published two collections for investors: «Barnaul. Offers for investors and Barnaul», «Investors Guide-2013».
An important direction in improving the investment attractiveness of the city is the interaction with the Department of Economy and Investment of Altai Krai filling online investment information cards, investment portal , unified database of investment projects of the Altai Territory. On these electronic resources provides information on municipal investment projects, free investment sites .
Positive impact on improving the investment attractiveness of the city's image has. In order to improve its image is working on positioning Barnaul interregional and Russian markets. So, in 2013 the city was presented at the International Tourism Exchange in Berlin, the International Tourism Exhibition "ITM 2013", as well as at the conference ASFC "Problems of financial security and cost optimization municipalities Siberia and the Far East at the present stage ." Significant event was organized in part by the Ministry of Regional Development Forum I best municipal practices with a report on implementation of the city 's investment policy , where representatives of more than 40 municipalities and potential investors were presented collection " Barnaul . Investors Guide-2013».
In order to improve the image of a lot of attention is paid to participate in the various rankings . In the ranking of Forbes « 30 best cities for business - 2012 «Barnaul is located on the 20th line, ahead of Samara, Rostov- on-Don and other cities.
In 2012, the rating «RosBiznes consulting» «Best Russian city more attractive to business» Barnaul is located in the 28th position. In 2013, the city climbed three places and a 25 th place ranking.
One of the primary activities are event aimed at regulating the work with investors. An important step to simplify the interaction of business and government in the implementation of investment projects was the creation of this year roadmap investor, which includes a detailed sequence of actions investor in projects in the city. This card was posted on the website of the Investment passport of the city. In 2013 in Barnaul implemented more than 500 investment projects aimed at modernization of existing enterprises , the creation of new industries , housing, one can distinguish more than 80 large and medium projects worth more than 57 billion rubles.

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