670 kilograms of hard gold

670 kilograms of hard gold
Were summed results of the last year at the one of the most leading enterprises of the region – Ltd. «Zoloto Kur’i».
Here was made 18 melts of precious metal. July was the most effective month, when it was possible to send bullions to Novosibirsk refining factory. There received 112 kilograms of pure gold from this bullions.
This is the result of work on the career of tractor-drivers, excavator-drivers, grader-drivers, drivers of multi-ton machines. Arman Ulmisekov, Snr. Mining master, supervised all ore extracting works, mechanic Ivan Shutenko engaged planned and helpful mechanic doing repairs. That enables equipment to operate without interruption. Total at the field in Kuryinskiy district were produced 670 kilograms of gold and 1 ton 80 kilograms of silver. These indexes are at the level for the previous year. And it was harder to do than before, because the price of the precious metal was lower than in 2012, it was less by 38 percent. As a result, the company worked without additional profit, but no loss. Although, after new year the price of gold began to rise, experts predict its fall on $ 150 per ounce during the year.
As explained Sergey Sobolev, CEO «Zoloto Kur’i» by the «AP», the company does not stop despite the difficult situation. Are taken precautionary steps to safe its operability and production indexes.
- We did not go the path of many gold mining companies, which resorted to conservation, stopping production in this difficult time. Measures for productive work of all complex up to salary savings are developed. The quota to this year is 750 kilograms of pure gold. Our task – to achieve the maximum indexes, – said Sergei Sobolev.
Regional newspaper «Altaiskaya Pravda»

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