Doc22: Altai Krai Government to support biotechnology scientists

Doc22: Altai Krai Government to support biotechnology scientists In the Altai Territory, an interregional scientific and practical conference with international participation "From Bioproducts to Bioeconomics" was completed. Representatives of educational and scientific institutions, regional branch unions, producers of agricultural goods and food products, executive authorities of the Siberian Federal District arrived in the region.

According to the Governor Alexander Karlin, biotechnology is one of the key directions of innovative development of the region. "This year in the Address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin noted that" today the most important competitive advantage is knowledge, technology, competence ". We systematically move in this direction, developing infrastructure, supporting scientific teams and interregional cooperation. Currently, practically all universities in the region have biotechnological centers of various specialization, the Federal Altai Scientific Center for Agrobiotechnology has been established. The combination of research institutes of the agrarian profile into a single complex in the short term will allow not only to improve their infrastructure, but also to increase the effectiveness of introducing scientific developments into agro-industrial production, thereby ensuring the advanced development of the agro-industrial complex of the regions of Siberia, "the head of the region notes.

The Altai Territory became one of the main participants of the Siberian Biotechnology Initiative project aimed at increasing the overall competitiveness of the Russian biotechnology sector. The region is among the subjects of the Russian Federation, which first introduced a cluster approach to the practice of regional management. He confirmed the optimality of the consolidation of the resources and scientific forces of the enterprises included in the Altai Biopharmaceutical Cluster, allowed to strengthen the investment activity of companies, expand the sales markets for products, including biotechnology.

First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Altai Territory Alexander Lukyanov says that in the region since 2014 actively developing prombiotic supplements to increase the productivity of animals. "The tests are successful - now they are used by more than 80 farms throughout the country, including 30 Altai. The products are in demand. For example, its use in milk production makes it possible to improve the quality and yield from five to 10 percent. In the province, other biotechnical preparations are widely used, "he says. Scientists of the region will contribute to the solution of another global task, indicated in the Message of the President of the Russian Federation, the fight against cancer. Created in the Altai State University, an anti-cancer center, whose activities are supported by various Russian scientific foundations, develops diagnostic complexes and methods of treatment. Scientists go to the stage of their clinical approbation. Thus, the Altai Territory supports the all-Russian course on improving biotechnology.

The First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the region adds that specialists invited to the conference who give certain recommendations, talk about the developments that are in the country. "The topic is very interesting. We have a well-developed dairy, grain and meat production in the region. But we need to intensively engage in deep processing, "said Alexander Lukyanov.

Head of the Altai Territory Administration for Food, Processing, Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnology Tatyana Zelenina notes that a systematic approach to the development of biotechnology began in the region in 2014. Then they adopted the regional program for the development of this branch of the national economy. Everything began with a detailed study of market prospects. The work of the Russian consultancy agencies. After that, a regional engineering center in the field of biotechnology with federal support was created in the province. Then followed the development and approval of regional priorities, measures of state support and attraction of federal funding, which was aimed at organizing large-scale industrial tests of new bioproducts. The initiative on the development of biotechnology was supported by the Altai State University, which acted as the main participant of the federal programs. As a result, the engineering center "Prombiotech" was created. In the future, other universities in the region supported the initiative. In particular, the Altai State Technical University named after Ivan Polzunov formed the Institute of Biotechnology, Food and Chemical Engineering.

"As a result of 2017, the institutional formation of the basis for the transition of the agro-industrial complex to a new technological structure based on the application of biotechnological methods was completed in the Altai Territory. The generalization, attraction of various specialists, scientists, marketers and businessmen made it possible to unleash the potential of the region, accumulate a positive practice of using biologics, initiate and activate new directions of development, "says Tatiana

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