This year OJSC «MRSK Sibiri» will send a fifth of its investment in Altai region

This year OJSC «MRSK Sibiri» will send a fifth of its investment in Altai region
Konstantin Petukhov, CEO of the energy company, said about this during the opening of modern closed type substation «Solnechnaya polyana» in the Barnaul, the capital of the Altai region. Opening this object, first vice-governor of the region Sergey Loktev drew attention, that opening of this substation will stimulate the construction business, investment in housing, socio-cultural and common objects.
- Now investors have a clear understanding, that the areas to construction were provided of guaranteeing energy, engineering infrastructure. The inputs of this object affects to the development of the south-west of Barnaul, will provide the energy demand to more than 10 years.
Together regional authority representatives and power engineers of Siberia are developing energy system of the Altai region. Konstantin Petukhov, CEO of the energy company OJSC «MRSK Sibiri», said in confirmation of these assessments, that the planned volume of investment of «MRSK Sibiri» across Siberia is 5 billion rubles in 2014. While 1 billion rubles (20%) will be directed to Altai region.
Konstantin Petukhov said that the company's investment in the energy sector of the Altai region will be no less than 1 billion rubles this year.
Konstantin Petukhov said: we have invested in the region 1,2 billion rubles in 2013. This year the amount wouldn’t be less than 1 billion rubles.
The most important object will be the construction of transmission lines from Biisk Thermal power station
to «Sky blue katun» and substation at its area. Overall, the project is estimated sum of 1,5 billion rubles.


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