Altapress: Altai Krai revives only cement plant

Altapress: Altai Krai revives only cement plant Golukhinsky cement plant, which is in the bankruptcy procedure, are planning to restart. The city-forming enterprise rented the plant "JBI of Siberia", said Igor Spivak, head of the construction and territorial planning department of the Ministry of Construction. While the plant was idle, local developers had to buy raw materials in other regions, and Golukh herself was in cramped conditions.

The Golukhino cement plant was declared bankrupt in May 2018. The enterprise owes 865 million rubles to suppliers and creditors, of which 831.3 million rubles are to VTB Bank, so the bankruptcy proceedings were introduced there until mid-October 2018.

The bankruptcy procedure at OJSC Cement continues, Spivak stressed. However, he was rented "ZhBI Siberia". The contract has already been signed, confirmed at the enterprise. Now the production is in the stage of launch. About when the plant will work and what output will be produced, it is not specified yet.

Igor Spivak specified that the regional administration does not plan to invest in the Golokhino cement production, although it owns a block of shares: "This production can be self-profitable."

However, he stressed that the Krai government is worried about the condition of the city-forming enterprise. The plant carried a large non-core load: it contained firefighting calculations and special vehicles for delivery of seriously ill patients to hospitals.

Due to the power outage, without electricity, mobile operators could remain, as their towers are installed on the territory of the plant. In addition, there was a threat of accidents on the hydraulic engineering structure on the Zhuravlicha River - the possible damage to housing, roads, bridges, power lines is huge.

The plant in Golush is the only cement production in the Altai Territory. He is a member of the StroyGaz group of companies. Recently, the company was going through hard times: by the end of 2015, the volume of cement production at the enterprise in Golukh fell by about 30% of the designed capacity (300 thousand tons per year).

Employed for the reanimation of the plant, Nikolai Kulish told in 2016 that he plans to increase production capacity to 1 million tons of cement per year.

"According to experts, the potential capacity of the cement market in the province is about 1.5 million tons. Our factory will be able to "close" most, - said Nikolai Kulish. - It will require investing 3 billion rubles, but this sum does not frighten me personally. It will pay off in five to seven years. "

Observation at the Golokhin plant was introduced on October 12, 2017, until May 10, 2018. On April 18, 2018, the plant partially shut off electricity by a court decision, which examined the claim of power engineers.

The builders of the Altai Territory are concerned about the situation of the Golokhinsky plant. The entire volume of necessary cement they are forced to buy in the neighboring Novosibirsk region, Kazakhstan and even in the Urals, which increases the cost of construction, stresses Yuri Fritz. Own production will ensure raw materials safety by local builders.

Yuri Fritz, Chairman of the Board of the Altai Union of Entrepreneurs: Three months ago, cement was bought for 3.7 thousand rubles per ton, and now 4.8 thousand. And this is not only the result of a seasonally spike in prices. We see that the products are expensive at the same time in all industries, which is alarming.

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