Doс22: Altai-Koks invests 3.3 billion rubles in modernization of coke-chemical production

Doс22: Altai-Koks invests 3.3 billion rubles in modernization of coke-chemical production In the Altai Territory, the international metallurgical company NLMK Group has begun to modernize production at one of the largest coke-chemical enterprises in Russia - Altai-Koks. The introduction of the coal charge tamping technology will significantly improve the quality of coke baked in Zarinsk, reduce production costs and improve the environmental parameters of production. According to the Industry and Energy Administration of the Altai Territory, an investment project worth 3.3 billion rubles will be implemented on the most modern fifth coke battery of the company, launched in 2006.

“This will be a unique experience for the coke industry,” emphasize Altai-Koks. - After all, before us, this technology was used only on coke-oven batteries under construction. We were the first to decide to introduce it at the operating production - the fifth coke-oven battery with a design capacity of 1.1 million tons per year, which provides a quarter of the entire production of the enterprise.

The essence of the tamping technology is that the coal charge is loaded into a coke oven not in the traditional way - in bulk from above, but horizontally in the form of a pre-compacted coal briquette. Rammed particles are better sintered, increasing the hot strength of coke, increasing its resistance to mechanical stress during transportation and loading into the blast furnace.

This method will allow to solve two problems at once - to improve the quality of coke and reduce its cost due to the use of cheaper coking coal grades. As a result, NLMK’s blast furnace production will increase. In addition, the updated battery will be equipped with modern systems for collecting and cleaning exhaust gases, which will improve the environmental performance of production.

As part of an investment project for the coke oven battery, a new coal tower with tamping devices will be built, and conveyors and machines will be installed to load the compressed charge in the furnace. To begin commissioning at the company plan in the autumn of 2019.

Reference: NLMK Group is a vertically integrated metallurgical company, the largest in Russia and one of the most efficient steel producers in the world. OJSC Altai-Koks, part of the NLMK Group, is one of the largest coke-chemical enterprises in Russia. It accounts for 15% of the total coke produced in the country.

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