Altay region builds multidisciplinary economy relying on high technology and knowledge

Altay region builds multidisciplinary economy relying on high technology and knowledge
Regions of the Russian Federation are actively involved in the process of implementation in their territories single investment standard promoted by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) to create favorable conditions for business. And the Altai region does it too. Altai region has conforming base: favorable economic and geographical position in the center of the Eurasian continent, developed transport infrastructure, powerful production, innovation and agriculture potential, natural and recreational resources, and the most importantly – highly qualified employees.
Altai biopharmaceutical cluster (Biysk) was created in 2008. Today, its products and works known not only in Russia but also abroad. Cluster produces more than a thousand kinds of medicines and substances, dietary supplements and cosmetic products. Association «Interregional Center of nanoindustry», organized on the base of a number of enterprises in Siberia at the head with FNPC «Altai», develops nanotechnology. The business incubator and innovation technopark successfully operate in Barnaul. Industrial park «Novoaltaisk South» was built in Novoaltaisk.
Today, the region continues to improve in the investment plan: the law «On the participation of the Altai region in public-private partnership», Investment strategy, the program «Improving the investment climate», Standard of executive authorities to ensure a favorable investment climate, Investment declaration, establishing the principles of regional cooperation authorities with investors. Infrastructure to support business is improving in the region: commissioners investment institution in the executive authorities of the region and local government were formed, regional investment fund and specialized operator Investor – Altai Centre of public-private partnership and mobilization of investment were formed.
Once, at the beginning of «perestroika» years, residents of the region of were the opinions that the region was not a perspective – there is no petrol and gas extracting. Today we can say, that thanks to this circumstance Altay region creates a stable multidirectional economy in which more and more weight gain high technology and knowledge; effectively used a lot of wealth, that allows you to create conditions for sustainable and dynamic development of the region.

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