IA "Amitel": "Renaissance Cosmetics" launched a modern production line

IA "Amitel": "Renaissance Cosmetics" launched a modern production line One of the largest manufacturers of household chemicals and cosmetics in the Urals, Renaissance Cosmetic launched a new high-speed production line in Barnaul, which will allow increasing the production capacity by 20%, productivity by 2 times. On Wednesday, October 24, a new installation was presented to the guests of the enterprise.

The installation of the Taiwanese production line for the production of washing types of products began on October 9. Its main feature is the speed and automation of workflows.

According to Viktor Kosikhin, director of Renaissance Cosmetics LLC, the new equipment will reduce the cost of production and increase its profitability.

In total, about $ 1 million was spent on the launch of the new line. The head of the company emphasizes that with the help of the new line, the capacity of the plant will increase by 20%, and the production capacity will double. If now the company produces 4 million units of production per month, then with the launch of the equipment it will produce 8 million units. By the way, in the first nine months of 2018, the growth in the company's sales amounted to 15%. And this happened before the installation of new equipment.

This is what will allow the company to become more competitive in the market, to enter new retail chains, and also to increase the supply of its product outside the Altai Territory several times.

Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship, Consumer Market and Labor Issues of the Administration of Barnaul, Alexander Pugach, in turn, noted that the Renaissance Cosmetic technical solution is a technological breakthrough. He also stressed the importance of the location of such an object in the Altai Territory, because its development works for the benefit of both the city and the region.

"We all use the products of Renaissance Cosmetic, it is the largest enterprise in its industry from the Urals to the Far East. It produces large volumes of products. And for the city it is a regular taxpayer to the budget," the official said.

It is worth noting that, in addition to the launch of the new line, this year the company also began to produce products in new packages. One of them - doy-pack. This is a vacuum package, which is a plastic bag with a bottom. According to Viktor Kosikhin, thanks to this packaging, the cost of the product is reduced by 20%.

In addition, the company began to produce products in the oil label. It allows you to tightly encircle the entire surface and contours of the bottle. This is the format used by federal companies. The director of Renaissance Cosmetic said that the product in this package looks much more presentable, which also allows for increased sales.

By the way, Viktor Kosikhin himself believes that the launch of a new production line is not a breakthrough, but rather one of the stages of growth, and the company will continue to strive to optimize its processes, get additional profitability and reduce production costs.

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