Maralovodstvo Altai: results and prospects of the industry

Maralovodstvo Altai: results and prospects of the industry
Staff of Institute of reindeer antlers have done serious work in order to increase the productivity of deer. They are a new breed - Altai-Sayan raw antlers with efficiency not less than 6 kg per stag. Over the past five years in the breeding farms were able to increase the output edge of pedigree cattle by 10%, bringing it to 70 calves per 100 females. Turned out techniques to obtain a number of biologically active substances, which are produced from raw reindeer antlers developed new techniques of animal feed and feed additives. Institute staff constantly monitor so that deer are not picked up any infection, developed methods of diagnosis and prevention of diseases. Industry helps the state: in 2009 - 2012 years to support maralovodstva edge allocated more than 34 million rubles. In 2013, reindeer antlers as one of the priorities of livestock was broadcast in the state program of agricultural development for 2013 - 2020. During this period, provided funding in the amount of not less than 70 mln., And 2013 - 2014 more than 13 million rubles. farms have been received. In addition, in the province work program to support beginning farmers and the creation of family livestock farms. Reindeer antlers supplies raw materials for the processing industry of the region. Processing products marals engaged and large pharmaceutical companies - "Evalar", "Altayvitaminy" and small specialized - "Pantoproekt", "balm", "Altamar", "Alfit" etc. Their number is gradually growing and close to two dozen.

According to the newspaper "Altai truth"

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