St. Petersburg authorities want to organize a massive supply of products from the Altai region

St. Petersburg authorities want to organize a massive supply of products from the Altai region The talks between the leaders of the Altai Territory and the Leningrad region only started, but the governor of St. Petersburg has already send to Barnaul list of required products, which should in fact replace imported counterparts, disappeared from supermarket shelves after the imposition of sanctions against eating from North America, Europe and Australia. 
"I recently had a phone conversation with the acting governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko. He made ​​a proposal to discuss the possibility of food supplies. In response to my question about what needs to be delivered in St. Petersburg, a colleague said simply: "Food anytime and in any quantity." After that conversation, we have already sent a list of foods that need in this city. In it specified set of all that we have successfully and produced in large quantities - flour, grains, cereals, and other products. Keep in mind that St. Petersburg - a 5 million people, plus the 1.5 million living in the Leningrad region. To these figures can add guests. "Northern Capital" is interested in our food. In other words, we are able to feed around 7 million people. "- Said Acting Altai Territory Alexander Karlin. 
Now in St. Petersburg, from the Altai products in large quantities can be found honey and cheese "Lambert", which is produced in Rubtsovsk. According to the director of marketing beef agricultural holding "RusAgro" Sergei Lishchuk, "Made in the Altai" is a powerful and attractive brand for food products as "Made in Germany" for the car, and it requires further advancement. 

Based on materials from the Internet magazine "capitalist"

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