Alexander Karlin: Altai products will replace banned imports

Alexander Karlin: Altai products will replace banned imports

Governor of the Altai Territory told about the problems and prospects of development of the region in the interview with the correspondent of news agency "ITAR-TASS".

One of the important aspects of the conversation was the topic of import substitution. Governor of the Altai Territory noted that the region can supply the market with all the traditional Russian food products in large volumes. 

"We have produced 1.4 million tons of high-quality flour in 2012, and about half a million tons of flour in 2013. The population of the Altai Territory needs within 250-300 thousand tons of flour, we supply another part of flour production in large megalopolises to the regions of the North, Far East, the Urals and the European part of Russia,” he said.

Altai region is rich in various cereal crops: millet, oats, buckwheat are transformed into excellent and ecologically pure products. For the production of buckwheat the region holds the first position in the country. In certain years, the share of the Altai buckwheat reaches two-thirds of total sales in the domestic market.

The head of the region have also noted that every sixth-seventh head cheese, made ​​in Russia, is Altai cheese. "In the Altai region dozens of sorts of fine hard cheeses are made that are known and loved in the country and abroad,” stated Alexander Karlin. 

By the Informational Agency ITAR-TASS

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