The first legal casino opened in the Altai region

The first legal casino opened in the Altai region

"Siberian Coin" was opened; it is one of the four approved gambling zones in Russia. In the future, it will be a complex with a hotel, restaurant and spa. Gamblers from all over Siberia will be delivered by the charter flights", said “”

"Red tape will be cut by playing cards, one of the main attributes of the casino. The croupiers take the place; there are colored chips on the tables. There is official permission to play activity in a conspicuous place. "Siberian Coin" starts working. On the first day of the new casino four rooms is opened: one large room with nine gaming tables, and three small VIP-halls with different color decorations. For example, walnut and gold", says television crew who were on the opening of the first casino in "Siberian Coin".

At the entrance to the casino you should buy chips at least 10 thousand rubles. This will be a kind of lucky ticket. On the first day there are free drinks in the bar. Organizers with the tour operators plan to develop a kind of tour package in the playing area. For example, delivery of a charter flight from Novosibirsk for the weekend on an "all inclusive" can cost around three thousand dollars.

"In the first Altai casino hotels and restaurants will be opened in the spring, and at the end of December - the biggest game room for fifteen table games. Given that from each table it will be transferred to the Altai region budget of 125 thousand rubles per month in the form of taxes, it is possible to calculate the profits from gambling zone in its final form - with 15 casinos and 30 hotels. Near the Altai palace the building of new casino is already planned by the second resident "Siberian Coin" - a company of Tatarstan", informs the author of the story, the opening of the first legal casino in Altai Territory.

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