"Ice Age Animal Park" will be opened in the Smolensk region

В Смоленском районе откроется «Парк животных ледникового периода»

"Ice Age Animal Park" will be next to the tourist complex "Siberian Podvorie" in the Smolensk region of Altai Krai. Investors will add mouflons and musk oxen to yaks and European bison to attract tourists.

First animals were collected in the "Siberian Podvorie" in late 2014. Entrepreneurs bought European bison in the neighboring Altai Republic, where they raised them for sanctuaries. Bison did not exist in the region earlier.

“Tourism is fast progressing in the Krai, the number of tourists increases every year “Siberian Podvorie.” To surprise our guests we buy animals and construct new projects. "Ice Age Animal Park" - one of the recent innovations”, said the Deputy Director "Belokurikha Resort" Sergey Kapran. In February we bought three yaks: two cows and a bull. In the wild, these animals live in the Pamir Mountains, Buryatia and Tuva. They are easy to keep and very enduring. Weight adult reaches ton.

The full Park will be opened in the summer of 2015. According to the plans of the investor, there is planned to build enclosures for animals and stylized yurts for tourists, where guests can have a picnic. Now the animals are in the complex "Siberian Podvorie."

By the online - magazine "Capitalist"

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