Typical investment proposals for business investment were presented on the portal of Altai Krai

Типовые инвестиционные предложения для бизнеса представлены на инвестиционном портале Алтайского края

A new section "Typical investment proposals" for small and medium-sized enterprises of Altai Krai appeared on the investment portal of the Krai in the subject investment proposals.

Altai Center of Investment and Development developed investment proposals to establish a business in Altai Krai. Investment proposals cover the priority areas of industry and agriculture of Altai Krai, including the production of milk and meat food products, breeding of sheep, turkey, fish farming, cultivation of vegetables, and the development of services, motorway service and tourism.

Typical investment proposals were described the volume of investment in projects, the payback period, the profitability of the project.

The list of investment proposals developed by the Centre includes:

Construction of tourist site of 34 places.

Building a farm with 200 cows of meat breed with rearing of cow replacements and construction of slaughterhouse.

Building of a dairy farm with 200 dairy cows with rearing of cow replacements.

Construction of motorway service objects.

Greenhouse complex for vegetable and herb cultivation.

Production of fuel pellets.

Tire processing in crumb rubbers and tile production out of it.

Construction of breeding rabbit farm.

Valuable fish breeding (sturgeon, trout) in the recirculating aquaculture system.

Fish breeding by cage method.

Fish breeding in surface water.

Construction of sheep breeding and growing farm.

Construction of turkey breeding and growing farm.

You can get more information about investment proposals following the link http://invest.alregn.ru/investment_offers/tpcl_inv_prop/

By the Altai Center of Investment and Development

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