The presentation of Altai Krai was held in Moscow.

В Москве состоялась презентация Алтайского края

Yesterday, presentation of investment potential of Altai Krai was completed in the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in Moscow.

The Governor of Altai Krai Alexander Karlin, a Member the Council of the Federation Mikhail Shchetinin and the Head of the regional office of the RSPP and the Altai Union of Industrialists Alexander Zharkov presented the investment potential of the region to participants.

According to Alexander Karlin, achieved high rates in the agriculture and food processing industry last year - is not the limit for the region. "We're not ready to rest and set rather ambitious tasks in the part of agribusiness development. By 2025, we plan to increase production of cereals, meat and milk by 25% -40% from the today’s level. Therefore, we are very interested in cooperation with the largest Russian and foreign research centers, industrial companies in modernization of capacities, the use of best agronomic and veterinary standards, new technologies of storage and processing of raw materials. Considering that there are well-developed educational, scientific base provided by institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, we believe that working together will bring a good result", said the Governor.

At the presentation of the investment potential of Altai Krai the exposition of the Krai was showed in Moscow, in which the leading enterprises of food and processing industry of the region presented the best samples of their products. Mill complex "Rosa" (Altai Skazka) presented the original premium cereals, Pospelikhinsky macaroni factory (Granmulino) presented velvet antler products, cereals, macaroni, premixes, other regional enterprises of flour-and-cereals branch "Melnik" and "Aleyskzernoprodukt" showed their samples of cereals and macaroni. Nearby there is a unique line of oils and cereals for a healthy diet of the company "Specialist" and the company "AgroSib-Razdolie" (distributor - "Yug-Sibiri") provided high-quality vegetable oils.

Confectionery Company "Altai" showed confectionery, replacing imported products - bars "Hit", "Double happiness".

At the presentation of the company "Alsu" presented to the participants not-from-concentrate juice from sea buckthorn, nectars and drinks. Sea buckthorn juice and drinks variations are also produced by the firm "Sokratika", which presented its products at the presentation of the region.
Products strengthened health and immunity, including the use of sea buckthorn, were presented by Biopharmaceutical Company Altai Tea Company and scientific and production company "Altai bouquet".

The company “Renaissance Cosmetic” presented a unique range of products based on Altai herbs, and the company “Malavit” - branded products for health and beauty.

Guests of the event noted "Zavyalovsky" therapeutic table water of Bochkarevsky beer factory and drinks of Barnaul beer factory, also the original velvet antler tincture of the Company "Teysi" was presented there. Meat Processing Company "Altai Energy" presented raw cured meat products. Enterprise "Modest" - high-quality line of dairy and fermented milk products for babies and adults, and the company "Lyubava" and processed cheese plant "Plavych" demonstrated import substitution analogues of processed cheese and cheese curd.

In the speech, the Governor of Altai Krai also touched on the theme of import substitution: "Negative current events in Russia, of course, reflected in the economy of Altai Krai. Introduced anti-Russian sanctions of the US and the European Union and retaliatory safeguard measures of Russia raised questions about the high dependence of some sectors of the Russian economy from the import of goods and technologies in 2014.

To minimize the possible disamenities and development of import substitution industries, a plan to promote import substitution was approved in Altai Krai in January".

In conclusion, Alexander Karlin expressed hope that at the end of the presentation Altai Krai "will become closer and more understandable to potential partners and attendees will be interest in mutually beneficial cooperation with companies of the region".

The result of the presentation was the signing of the trilateral agreement of cooperation between the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Administration of Altai Krai and the Altai branch of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, and cooperation agreements between the region and the Agency of Credit Guarantees.

By Altai Center of Investment and Development

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