Prospects of the development of fishing in Altai Krai were discussed by the expert community

Перспективы развития рыбоводства в Алтайском крае обсудили экспертным сообществом

Today, in the Altai Agricultural University a round table on "Prospects for the development of fish farming in the Altai region" has been held organized by the Main Department of Economy and Investment of Altai Krai in cooperation with the Altai Center of Investment and Development.

The moderator of the event was Nikolay Chiniakov, the Head of Main Department of Economy and Investment: "The theme of fishing deserves more attention. The purpose of today's event is to discuss the problems that have developed in the industry and to outline ways to further their solutions. This is the second public event under the theme of "import substitution". I hope that some of the key problems of today we define for ourselves, and together we will move towards their resolution."

According to Vladimir Tananushko, the Director of the Altai Center of Investment and Development, "the world's fishing outputs are 156 million tons, while aquaculture accounts for 65 million tons. The output of industrial fishing is 165 thousand tons in Russia, and Altai Krai accounts for only 408 tons. The potential of Altai Krai in fishing catch and breeding is very large. In 70-80s we caught 2.2 thousand tons of fish in the region, and it was for export outside of Altai Krai. Today, we can achieve fishing up to 1 thousand tons at minimum labor cost.

The passed Federal Law "On aquaculture (fishing)," industry program "The development of commercial aquaculture (commercial fishing) in the Russian Federation for 2015-2020" include support measures that will promote the orderly development of fishing both in Russia and in Altai Krai."

Among the key issues the expert group identified underdeveloped legal framework, the lack of fishing development program in Altai Krai, the problem with sales and processing of fishery products - access to trade networks, undeveloped production level of domestic feeds provision instead of expensive imported.

The event has ended with degustation of products Altai producer of fish and fish processor of the company "Biryuksa."

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