Altai Krai’s companies are invited to participate in an investment forum in Mongolia

Предприятия Алтайского края приглашаются к участию в инвестиционном форуме Монголии
In 25 to 26 June 2015 the International Investment Forum of Western region of Mongolia will be in the city of Ulaangom of Uvs Province of Mongolia. This is annual event, which is held with assistance of the Government of Mongolia.
The purpose of the Forum - to inform foreign investors about investment opportunities and conditions for cooperation in the western parts of the country. According to the program of the event representatives of the country and regions will present to participants the state policy reports of the development of the country including its western region, and reports about opportunities and legal environment to attract investment.
We invite companies of Altai Krai to take part in the Investment Forum of Western region of Mongolia. If you are interested, please contact:
O.Saruul - Specialist for foreign relations of the Administration of Uvs Province, tel. 976-70454718, 976-99453322. Email:,

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