Altai Krai produces almost half of the honey in Siberia

Алтайский край производит почти половину меда в Сибири

   According to the Federal State Statistics Service for the past six years Altai Krai has been producing almost half of the honey in Siberia - from 45 to 51 percent of the total volume, informed the portal For comparison, twelve years ago, in 2003, the share of Altai Krai in the production of Siberian honey was only 15 percent.

Experts consider the region made such success through systematic work of beekeepers and the active support of the livestock sector by the regional authorities. Experts give an example the industry development work in Altai Krai and attracting investment into it. “Altai honey” has become one of the well-known and high-quality “business card” of Altai Krai.

By Katun 24

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