Tourism in Altai: In summer the population of the western regions of Altai Krai doubles

Туризм на Алтае: В летний сезон население западных районов Алтайского края удваивается

In 2015, the western regions of Altai Krai experienced a tourism boom: in Kulunda steppe the salt and alkaline lakes attracts thousands of people from across the region, from Tomsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk and Kemerovo Oblasts and republics of Altai, Khakassia, Tuva, from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk and other cities.

Romanovsky district is famous for its two lakes: the bitter (Gorchina) and sulphate (Mormyshanskoe) lakes, located 100 meters from each other and 17 km from the district center. They are better known under the brand “Guseletovo” and “Guseletovskie plyosy” - on behalf of the tourist base, which has been developing in the area of ​​health tourism for seven years.

In 2015 it is begun the creation of a new recreational center in Guseletovo. The initial cost of the project - about 2 million rubles. Investors plan to build a year-round two-story guest house with baths and terraces, and six - eight summer houses, places for barbecues and fire pit, car park, children's playground and swimming pool. There are also investors to invest in the construction of water park in the district. Both projects are at the initial stage of implementation – there is the procedure to land rezoning from agricultural to recreational.


Lakes of Kulunda steppe appeared from the last Ice Age.

“Guseletovskie plyosy” - a health and fitness complex: beach, camping for 400 cars and 70 houses (“coupe “, with a terrace and hotel-type), a dining room, a bar, a juice bar, massage rooms, 10 showers, 40 toilets, water slides, volleyball and basketball courts, and the Goose museum. Tourists are served by 45 employees (32-35 seasonal workers): beach-rescues, waiters, bartenders, administrators and many others. For those who wish to camp a parking fee is charged - 380 rubles per day, rent of one house per day: a coupe – 1300, with terrace – 1700, hotel-type - 3400. It should be noted that on 1st August "Guseletovskie plyosy" will take the Festival of Dumpling.

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