Turkey will make soap from the products of oil crops from the enterprises of Altai Krai

В Турции будут делать мыло из продуктов переработки масличных культур с предприятий Алтайского края

Waste of Altai enterprises will be used by Turkish perfumers to create premium soap, said the Head of the Marketing Department of the company “Yug Siberia”, Altai products distributor, Yevgeny Nozdrachyov. “In Istanbul we sent the first batch of the so-called outside 120 tons of products. This fatty acid distillate is used in the production of biodiesel, lubricants, in soap making and other branches of light and chemical industries. In this case, in Istanbul, this raw material is produced for perfumes - Premium Soap”, said the company. The fatty acid distillate - one of the secondary products, which stay in the production of refined deodorized oil. “Distillation of the oil is the final step of decontamination of the crude oil from non-desirable impurity elements: coloring substances, fatty acids, elements, which give odor to the crude oil. Salts of fatty acids are used as detergent and foaming additives in detergent production”, noted distributors. Test batch of this product was sent in the spring. Turkish partners appreciated it very much and decided to cooperate with the Siberian company. Fatty acids are packaged in a container of 200 liters.

Reference: About 100 companies process oil crops in Altai Krai. Annual production capacity for large and medium enterprises is over 320 thousand tons per year. Since 2009 the region has been ranking the first place in the Siberian Federal District in the production of crude oil and the eighth place in the ranking of Russian regions.

By the official website of Altai Krai

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