Altai cheese with the European accent

Алтайский сыр с европейским акцентом

Altai Krai is trying to not fall behind European cheese manufacturers. Altai cheeses are known far beyond the region and even Russia. Firstly, it is because of the different taste qualities, and secondly, they are made fr om ecofriendly raw materials, thirdly, the average family budget can afford Altai ecofriendly products.

Altai cheese is a brand, and only lazy people do not come to mind to rhyme “Altai - cheesy Krai.” Every year there is Altai Fair - Festival “Days of Altai cheese”, wh ere the dairy enterprises of the region present the different types of cheese. This new industry to the region as gastronomic tourism opened an additional vehicle for business development based on food products.

Altai Krai is one of the leading manufacturers of dairy industry. The region is in the first place in Russia in the production of cheese. Figure is impressive - more than 72 thousand tons of cheeses per year (15% of all cheese in Russia) are produced by Altai enterprises. Every seventh kilogram of cheese was produced in Altai Krai.

Besides, 50 thousand tons of cheeses are exported from Altai Krai, it means that one kilogram of Altai cheese for every third Russian.

In the Altai Center of Investment and Development specialists developed investment proposal for entrepreneurs who will be able to produce not only traditional French cheese, but also Italian soft cheeses – “mozzarella” and “ricotta”.

The proposal “The production of soft cheeses (minicheese factory)” involves the construction of plant of the production of soft cheeses.

The organization of the production process will cost investors about 15 million rubles. With 3 million rubles of own funds and 12 million rubles of borrowed funds, a first-time entrepreneur can develop such a marketable project.

To accommodate the plant of production of soft cheeses      there will be a land with no less than 0.2 hectares with delivered engineering infrastructure.

The production of products has been taken of the two types of cheese - mozzarella and ricotta. Today, soft cheeses are popular; however, these products are represented mainly by companies of neighboring countries and beyond in the regional market.

As the developers of the investment proposals state, the implementation of such projects in the region will help to meet the needs of the population of Altai Krai and other regions in soft types of cheeses.

By the Altai Center of Investment and Development

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