Municipal solid wastes: solution to the problem of ecology and creating business

Твердые бытовые отходы: как решить проблему экологии и создать на этом бизнес

European countries attach great importance to the Environmental Protection and it shows the increasing of the volume of secondary raw materials processing. The law obliges natural and legal persons to dispose the wastes in special containers for further recycling. However, the integration of waste sorting system is not an easy task for Russia, because of territorial, infrastructural and cultural features of the country.

In our country the niche of waste recycling is free and it can be a good revenue source for those, who decide to process the wastes and try to make our planet cleaner a little.

In Altai Krai there are examples of successful implementation of investment projects in the field of waste processing. Thus, the project “Production of thermoplastic composite building materials (polymeric and sandy roof tiles, polymeric and sandy paving slabs, and others) based on the processing of municipal polymeric wastes” was implemented in the Topchihinsky District. Production Company “Delo-A” started production of polymeric and sandy roof tiles in 2002. At the moment, the realization of the company products has moved beyond the region.

The project “Waste utilization from sawmilling. Construction of the plant for the production of particle board” was implemented in the Talmensky District. The project has received the state support in the form of subsidy from the regional budget.

Sorted recyclable materials can be the basis for the organization of paving slabs production, pellets, rubber tile, which is made from recycled tires. By the way, these investment proposals for starting and developing businesses have already been developed by the Altai Center of Investment and Development.

According to statistical reports, about three million tons of wastes were produced in 2014 in Altai Krai. Every year municipal solid wastes are increased by an average of 7%.

The annual increase in the volume of wastes and also overcrowding of existing landfills, lack of waste sorting plants, waste processing facilities make necessary to create a modern complex of waste processing.

The Altai Center of Investment and Development created the investment proposal for construction of the sorting and recycling of solid waste complex. Such processing production will require at least 32 million rubles of investments. The income base is formed through the sale of secondary raw materials produced by the sort of total municipal solid wastes (broken glass, aluminum can, plastics and polyethylene, black metal).

The financial model assumes that 16 million rubles of its own funds and the same borrowed amount. The investment project is developed taking into account the state support in the form of subsidized rate on the buying equipment - more than 8 million rubles. Furthermore, such project may pretend to other measures of state support on the priority activities for the region.

Waste sorting complex is able to select up to 15% (by mass) of useful fractions of municipal waste. According to specialists of the Altai Center of Investment and Development, project payback period is 6 years.

By the Altai Center of Investment and Development

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