Altai Krai developed the concept of a sanatorium-resort complex of the Zavyalovskiy District

В Алтайском крае разработали концепцию развития санаторного-курортного комплекса Завьяловского района

Altai Krai developed the Concept of the sanatorium-resort complex of the Zavyalovskiy District. The idea of ​​the Concept is to develop and promote the region through the organization of leisure time and recreation of a wide variety of tourists. The purpose of the Concept is the creation of sanatorium-resort complex specializing in the development of wellness tourism.

The development Concept of the Zavyalovsky District can be realized due to the unique salt lakes. There are the famous lakes “Solenoe” (Salt) and “Gorkoe Zavyalovskoe” (Bitter Zavyalovskiy), containing a significant amount of sludge and sulfide mud, salt solutions (brine) with different concentrations of useful biological and chemical active materials. The Zavyalovskiy District is also rich in fresh lakes with large reserves of peloid mud, which are used for cosmetic purposes.

The region produces only in the Altai Territory certified therapeutic-table mineral water “Zavyalovskaya” in the Zavyalovo village. Besides, the region is rich in forest resources. There is Zavyalovskiy reserve consisting of a full range of landscapes of forest, meadowlands, wetlands and other lands with a total area of ​​15 000 hectares, which is attractive for active and cultural tourism, hunting, fishing, family vacations.

The construction need of sanatoriums in the Zavyalovskiy District, which can accommodate a large number of people, is very high; it is showed by the annual growth of tourist flow. The Zavyalovskiy District is visited by tens of thousands of people to improve their health in the curative lakes. The growth of the tourist flow amounted to more than 21% in the period 2010 - 2014 years, in 2014 the number of tourists reached 46.0 thousand people, in 2015 their number is estimated to 65 thousand people, the annual number of tourists increases by 10-15% in the region.

As part of the developed Concept of the Zavyalovskiy District it is expected to create a sanatorium and resort complex at the cost of 1 billion rubles. It is possible to participate in this investment project as one investor investing in the implementation of the whole complex as well as a few investors, who are ready to build some infrastructure projects included in the complex.

The creation of the sanatorium and resort complex includes the following infrastructure facilities:

1. Sanatorium: bedroom block can accommodate up to 400 beds; treatment building (up to 350 visits per day).

2. Hotel: up to 50 beds.

3. Aquapark: pool, water rides zone; change rooms zone, showers; beach area, equipped with sun loungers.

4. Food zone: all year round cafe (50 seats); all year fast food cafe (30 seats); open-air cafe (40 seats).

5. Sports area: organization of sports area for team games, active leisure of tourists.

6. Playground / room.

7. Complete improvement of the territories: beach improvment; terrainkur on the coast of the lake with the organization of recreation areas.

8. Souvenir shops: sale of products of the local handicrafts, souvenirs and other products.

9. Landscape design.

10. Parking zone: the organization of parking for cars with 100 parking lots.

Payback period - 7 years, internal rate of return - 11%, net present value of the project - 165 582 thousand rubles.

For the implementation of this investment project it is proposed the area of ​​27.9 hectares.

By the Altai Center of Investment and Development

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