Altai Krai plans to recover the sheep farming

Овец по осени считают

Altai Krai is going to recover the sheep farming and further stimulate the development of this branch of ​​livestock and productions of wool processing.

The number of sheep and goats are currently 24.6 million animal units in all categories of farms in the country. More than half of the livestock are concentrated in agricultural enterprises and farms.

In Altai Krai, as in Russia the industry of sheep farming has a positive dynamics of development in recent years. The number of sheep is 247.5 thousand animal units in farms of the region.

Altai Krai has a good sel ected base for pure-breeding sheep. There is breeding work to save the gene pool of the unique Altai fine-wool sheep, which are bred in the region 60 years ago. Breeding farms make deliveries animal’s lot to the regions of Russia and CIS countries. Given the market conditions, Altai Krai pays a lot of attention to sheep breeding and lamb meat production.

As noted in the Altai Center of Investment and Development sheep farming unfairly lost its former importance in animal husbandry. The meat of sheep - one of the most inexpensive among farm animals, and wool - a very valuable product, is used for the high-quality textile.

The main reason for low economic efficiency is the absence of fully integrated production (advanced processing). There is not any opportunity for the processing of wool and leather products independently, sheep-breeding enterprises do not employ this resource or sell it at a cheap rate.

At the same time, clothing and accessories to it, which are made of wool, leather and woolfell, cost much higher than their counterparts made fr om synthetic fabrics.

For further development of sheep farms the departmental special-purpose program “Development of sheep farming in Altai Krai in 2011-2013 and for the period up to 2020” was adopted, which aims to increase the number of sheep by the end of this period to 300 thousand animal units. The main objectives of the program are also to increase the production output of wool and mutton. It is planned to achieve it through the implementation of a number of events of the state support and programs of modernization of sheep farms and wool processing plants.

Today, Altai enterprises, which raise sheep, already can pretend to state support in breeding stock and also in the development of brood sheep farming. In addition, beginning farmers, who are planning the development of sheep farming, can get grants.

By the Altai Center of Investment and Development

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