Altai Krai is in the top ten tourist regions of Russia

Алтайский край оказался в десятке лучших туристических регионов России

Information Communications Center “Rating” and the magazine “Rest in Russia” investigated the tourist potential of the regions of the Russian Federation and popularity among domestic and foreign tourists. Altai Krai is in the list of leaders ranked 10th among 85 subjects of the Russian Federation.

The investigation took into account the level of development of the tourism business, the turnover of tourist services, the popularity of the region among foreigners and Russians, tourist uniqueness, ecological “health”, development of transport and social infrastructure, the cultural objects supply and the popularity of the region as a tourist brand in the Internet.

As a result, Altai Krai was in the first group of ranking from 16 subjects. Our region received 52 points. The leader was Krasnodar Krai received 70.9 points.

The second group of ranking includes regions, scored from 30 to 50 points and took the position from 17 to 65. In the list there were the neighboring Altai Republic ranked 22nd and with 47.8 points, Novosibirsk Oblast – 43rd and with 39.5 points. Kemerovo Oblast was in the third rating list, ranked 70th with 28.8 points.

By the official website of the international agency “Altapress”

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