The new logistics center of Altai Krai received more than 2 thousand tons of fruit-berry and vegetable raw materials this year

Новый логистический центр Алтайского края принял в этом году более 2 тысяч тонн плодово-ягодного и растительного сырья

In Altai Krai in 2014 “Agricultural enterprise “Zarya” Ltd. has been implementing a large-scale project to create a multifunctional logistics center for receiving, storage and processing of fruits and berries.

This season, for the storage and processing there were more than 2 thousand tons of fruit and berry raw materials and vegetables: sea-buckthorn, sweet pepper, chokeberry, apples and others. The complex expands, at this time there are the area of acceptance of raw materials, package store, own laboratory, shock-freeze room 40 tons, the area of the primary processing of raw materials, packaging and finished product storage room.

This year, a complex for product packaging in small containers was launched. It is very important that the company is not only processing. Management of the company is developing commercial horticulture. Goods producer made own sea-buckthorn gardens in the Krasnogorsky and Smolensky Districts, the total area is ​​more than 170 hectares. Products of Biysk’s enterprise are in great demand in canteens, restaurants and cafes of Altai Krai. Recently processor has signed a contract on the supply of frozen mushrooms into a large retail chain of the region “Anix.” Sea - buckthorn has traditional popularity. Thus, this year more than 20 tons of Altai “gold” has been exported to Germany, Finland, Mongolia.

The company reports that the Altai berries arouse great interest in the West. Europeans are increasingly interested in wild plants picked in ecologically clean districts of Altai Krai. A well-known mushroom – morchella, produced in the local plant, in dried form is sent to Moscow and other regions of Russia and Belarus. This season, one of the batches of this type of mushroom is gone to France.


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