Altai Krai began to produce fertilizers in granules

В Алтайском крае начали производить удобрения в гранулах

The farm of Anatoly Ivanov began the production of granular ammonium sulphate in the Kosikhinsky District of Altai Krai. The authors of this start-up are graduates of the Altai State Agrarian University Sergey Putintsev and Alexey Bolotin.

Installation of the line has taken three months. The capacity of plant is one ton of fertilizers per hour. The material is converted from           powdered condition into granules of three to five millimeters. The plant is able to process 20 tons of raw materials per day. The finished fertilizer is packed in the bags weighing 800 kilograms.

Ammonium sulphate in powder form has several disadvantages, the main of which - the difficulties of soil fertilization and impossible uniform distribution. The granular fertilizer has an advantage in this case.

By the official website of Altai Krai


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