Employees of the Altai Company “SiSort” have completed an internship in Germany

Сотрудники алтайской компании «СиСорт» прошли стажировку в Германии

Seven top managers of the Altai Company “SiSort” completed an internship in enterprises of Germany. Now the company is entering the European market. This process was successful as possible, management has decided to show employees how to build work in Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, Trumpf, DMG Mori and other large companies. “SiSort” informed that the companies were chosen not at random. The company has worked with Trumpf for a long time. Through targeted state financial support “SiSort” has bought German high-precision equipment from this company. With the assistance of the Administration of Altai Krai companies compensated part of the cost on the purchased equipment.

At the end of the internship there will be changes in the company. German companies have rather high level of robotization. “SiSort” also thinks about robotization. For years to come the Barnaul Company’s equipment will be combined into a unified information network that enables to control the manufacturing processes in real-time, to conduct online monitoring, to detect failures, to update a software.

“SiSort” added that the business trip to Germany - only the first stage of study placement of employees in foreign enterprises. In April, all designers of the company will go to study in Germany for the production of the company Trumpf.

Background information. “SiSort” was founded in 2007 in Altai Krai, the company is currently the Russian leader in terms of sales of its own color sorting machines used by manufacturers and processors of agricultural products for the cleaning of wheat, rice, beans, peas, buckwheat and other cohesive products. Color sorting machines of “SiSort” successfully used in the preparation of seed fund. At the end of last year the company presented at an exhibition in Germany “singing” color sorting machine that while sorting performed musical works, and it sold four machines to European customers.

In the near future, “SiSort” opens representative offices in Germany and Bulgaria. Altai regional center of coordination and support of export-oriented enterprises renders assistance in European market promotion of the company’s color sorting machines.

By the official website of Altai Krai

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